Essex based live function band

Tim – Guitar

Tim - Lead guitarWhat does Tim add to the band? Well, it’s what he doesn’t add that’s more important. He’s not one of those guitar players that needs to ‘express themselves’ for minutes on end; you won’t get a long drawn out solo in every song or any twiddly endings. He just plays the song and when it’s finishes he plays the next one.

That’s not to say he won’t play what’s required but his reticence to get self indulgent is testimony to the ethic of the three minute pop song. For Tim, all that guitar hero posing is just guitar w***ing.

Tim’s son, also a musician, says he wasted his youth listening to prog-rock. He’s probably not entirely wrong.

The dark past

Tim started off playing the piano, but hated it. Eventualy stumbled across a guitar and studied classical guitar before the Police caught his attention.

Has played in bands ever since. Can still be found playing classical guitar occasionally.

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