Essex based live function band

Rob – The voice

Rob - Lead singerRob is the band. Without his voice we’re just a bunch of musos bashing out nice songs. Rob has the presence and the power to dominate when performing.

Rob can sing a huge range of musical styles and has the skill and experience to make it his own without subjecting an audience to a load of vocal gymnastics.

He can pick out harmonies and melodies and make it all seem very comfortable and natural. He is a true ‘creative’ and, no, that’s not a euphemism for ‘lacks discipline’.

If that isn’t enough he plays guitar too.

Where it started

For Rob, music started listening to what ever came out of his mum’s radio as a child: Elvis, the Kinks, the Who.

Things changed when he heard David Bowie for the first time. It ignited a drive to sing and perform that he has worked hard at satisfying ever since.

Performed in local bands eventually moving to London to sing backing vocals on tour for up-and-coming signed acts. Eventually left to pursue his own projects before returning to music.

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