Essex based live function band

A band history

Having played in rival bands for some time, Rob and Tim got together after their previous bands folded. We cobbled together a drummer and bass player, thinking we would form a blues band. The blues band idea never really worked but we were back playing again in a functioning band.

We went through a few more bass players until we acted on an earlier idea: a Bowie tribute band. We did a number of Bowie gigs as far afield as Leeds, London and throughout East Anglia.

The Bowie thing started to dry up and we became disenchanted about playing to pub goers. We abandoned doing pub gigs and became a function band with our new drummer, Faz.

We played as a four piece for some time until the Bowie idea raised it’s head again early in 2009. We wanted to put on a Bowie gig at the local cinema and, to do it justice, we needed some keyboards (something the band had argued about for years). Col came on the scene and fitted in brilliantly. We were so happy with the way the Bowie material sounded with keyboards we asked Col to join the band for the functions too.

Steve joined the band late in 2010, and fitted in perfectly. His enthusiasm has certainly re-invigorated the rest of the band. Also, Steve’s pram has very high sides and I can’t imagine any toys getting very far.

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