Frequently asked questions

Do I need a disco too?
How long will you play?
Do you do requests?
How big does the venue need to be?
Is it loud?
What do I need to supply?
What if one of you is ill?
How much do you charge?

Disco or other entertainment

We will happily fit in with how you want to structure your evening, but for most weddings and parties a Disco is not needed. Events such as these are often a rare chance to get together, and we have found that loud music in the early part of the evening isn’t really appreciated as it stifles conversation. People are usually ‘talked-out’ when the band starts, so a disco will often be playing just background music which we can play through our p.a. system. If you want some particular background music you can load it onto an iPod and we will pipe that through our sound system while we are not playing.

We can go for hours!

Again, we will try and fit in with your plans but there are physical limitations. We have played for almost 3 hours, or for as little as 45 mins. When you want us to play for over 90 minutes we usually find it best to have a short break (a good time to serve food if you are having any).


We try to play what you want to hear, provided we think it sounds good. If you want us to play a particular song we will try it in rehearsals and, provided we think it sounds okay, play it for you at your party.
Requests on the night are more difficult but, if the audience is forgiving, we will often have a go.

The venue

The venue has to be big enough to accommodate the five members of the band, plus all the equipment, and the audience. We have played in anything from people’s houses, village halls, purpose build venues, right up to outdoor events the size of a football pitch.

How loud?

As far as live bands go, we are not loud but, due to the drums, there is a minimum volume we can play at. In very small enclosed venues the amount of sound we make may be difficult for some to cope with. If you think some of your guests may struggle with the volume don’t be shy about using earplugs.

It’s worth mentioning again that if your venue has a noise limiter we will not play.

All you need to supply is…

We need a stage area, but it doesn’t have to be raised, and some electrical power (four standard 240v sockets is usually enough). Some idea of how you want the evening unfold would be nice too. You don’t need to feed us, buy us drinks* or help us shift our gear.
* our drink of choice is tea, so if there’s one going…

Calling on a sub

There are very rare circumstances where one of the band will have to drop out at the last minute. In this rare circumstance we will endeavour to fill the void with another musician (we know quite a few) who can step in. If all else fails and we are unable to play we will let you know as soon as possible and refund any deposit paid. We cannot refund any money we have already spent on non-refundable hotel or travel expenses.

How much to hire the band?

There are many factors to consider before we arrive at a final price, these are: distance to travel, accommodation, size of venue, what time we need to set up, extra p.a. hire for very large venues, how much we want to play, the list can go on. So, that said, as a rough guide we will normally charge £500.

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